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After 14 great years of performing magic, Nu-Rhythm Band still stands as Toronto’s favourite live party band!

At the foundation of Rio Entertainment is our original and most popular band, Nu-Rhythm. Consisting of 6 professional studio musicians and 3 dynamic vocalists, Nu-Rhythm has the experience and musical repertoire to exceed your expectations.

Their musical range has developed over the year to include all popular musical genres, from the Classics and Oldies to Disco, Rock, R&B, and Dance just to name a few. The incredible vocal range of the 3 vocalists make their live musical opportunities boundless and have often been told that they outperformed the original artist.

Make your event the best party in town by choosing Nu-Rhythm Band and we promise it will be a night to remember.


Paul Christopher

As a long-time singer and percussionist playing top U.S. casinos, Paul Christopher is used to basking in the glow of the spotlight. Born in Guyana, Paul was exposed to music early in his life and moved to Canada as a young adult to pursue a rofessional career in music.

His musical influences have allowed him to develop a smooth crooning style that ranges from Latin, to Funk, to R&B and Jazz. He had spent 15 years opening for American show biz heavies like Bill Cosby, Bob Newhart, Don Rickles, and Joan Rivers before concentrating on his own studio career in Toronto.

He has since recorded a number of albums, his most popular being the Adult Contemporary hit “Love and Other Obsessions” which was co-written and co-produced by former Kim Mitchell band member Greg Critchley.

• • • • • •

Maddie Willis
Maddie Willis, a well-rounded and accomplished singer/performer, was born and raised in Quebec and has since spread her magnificent talent all over the world. As a student of her craft and armed with remarkable vocal range, Maddie has excelled in various musical styles from Pop to R&B to Classical just to name a few.

Maddie’s accomplished career thus far includes accolades in theatre, television specials, radio & TV commercials, Tours, and several album recordings with Sony, Warner, and CBC. Most notably, Maddie has toured with the popular Canadian band Glass Tiger as well as the United Nations Front Line in Kuwait, Bosnia, Cambodia, and the North Pole. Maddie’s recording successes include the commercial hit “I Rhyme the World” with Canadian Rapper KISH. Her most popular solo recording album “Chase The Moon” was produced and distributed by Warner Music.

• • • • • •

Michael Dunston
Michael Dunston certainly loves the entertainment business. This singer/actor has enjoyed success in the Canadian music scene, theatre, television, and the silver screen since he made Canada his home. A native of North Carolina, Michael came to Toronto back in 1975 for a 1-night gig but never returned upon meeting his future wife of 25 years.

Michael’s soulful R&B style has caught the eyes and ears of many, including Wayne Gretzky whose wedding he sang at. Often called one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, Michael’s television and movie career has frequently featured his incredible musical talents. Michael has appeared in movies such as Death Wish 5 and Tommy Boy, as well as a part in the soon-to-be released Music Man where he does a duet with its star, Matthew Broderick.